Colors in online training

About Me Infographic

About Me infographic using Microsoft PowerPoint

captivate banner

Saving Powerpoint as MP4 Instructional Video

Using Adobe Captivate 2019, I created this short instructional video illustrating how to save a Powerpoint with narration as an MP4 video.

stop motion video cover image

Stop Motion Video

For our next project, we created a stop motion video. I used the Stop Motion Studio iPad app to create the video, and then used iMovie to add in the background music, title frames, and transition elements.

Creative Animated Video

I created this short animated video...with a twist! My idea centered on a team of galactic instructional designers traveling the universe as, essentially, ID consultants. Watch their adventures in the video below.

mainstage graphic


For my screencast project, I chose to create a video that would help new users learn how to create and utilize patches within Mainstage 3.