Opening Doors for Conversation

As someone who has lived as a believer and an atheist, Teresa MacBain is able to speak about both doubt and faith. Her goal is to raise awareness of the difficult path that those who struggle with their beliefs walk. Fear of rejection, loss, and being shunned permeates our society. Finding a safe place to openly explore your changing beliefs is almost impossible in many communities.

Creating Safe Spaces

She is passionate about helping churches create safe communities for those questioning their beliefs. Having lived as a believer and an atheist, Teresa has a unique ability to assist churches who want to create safe spaces for seekers and skeptics. Using her firsthand knowledge, she works promote compassion and understanding, and equip organizations to provide safety, support, and community to those who feel alone in their struggle.


Teresa’s talks cover a broad range of topics. 

Grace ReDefined: From Pastor to Atheist and Back

The Real Reasons People are Leaving Your Church

Finding HOPE in the Darkness

Building Safe Communities for Skeptics

Conversations Series (Customized presentation designed to engage in conversations about faith, doubt, and non-belief)

Rock Bottom: How to Climb Out of the Pit and Rebuild Your Life

No Strings Attached: How to Offer Support Without Judgment