Colors in online training

Color Choices in Course Design

One thing I've learned about instructional designers is that we all want to create an environment for effective learning. With so many factors to consider in eLearning design, color choices may be overlooked. I have worked in communications and marketing in the past, so the psychology of color isn't new to me; however, I didn't … Continue reading Color Choices in Course Design

adult learners

Creating Significant Learning Experiences

Each year, the Samford Office of Online and Professional Studies department hosts a special workshop called Innovate. This year, our Innovate 2019 keynote speaker presented Dee Fink's Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Fink, 2013)

accessibility graphic

Accessibility in the Online Classroom

As instructional designers, we are tasked with designing courses that produce quality learning experiences and greater learning outcomes. An important part of our job is to ensure that all learners can access and utilize the course content. This means that individuals who struggle with vision, hearing, motor skills, or cognitive deficits must be incorporated into our design plan.

Open Source and Creative Commons

Open source software (OSS) is any type of software that is distributed with the source code included, and usually includes a license for individuals to change the software in any way they want. Open source projects promote the principles of open exchange, peer-review, collaboration, rapid prototyping, transparency, and community-based development.In many ways, OSS can be viewed philosophically.